Douglas McGibbon - Provenance - Craigellachie

On one of our trips through Scotland a small bottle was found in a shop of this expression from the Craigellachie distillery bottled by Douglas McGibbon. It was distilled in 2003 and on the bottle it states to be over 10 years old from a single cask and bottled at 46%.

I have been diving into this one for a couple of times now to get notes on it. It has been a struggle a bit. But for me it comes down to this sadly. The nose gives me a sour malty note making me think of baby vomit. Soft vanilla and raisin notes underneath but it feels like there hasn't been much cask interaction.

On the palate I get the feeling at first of young and bit raw spirit. Raisin and vanilla again pop up between this unmatured spirit feeling. Malt, green grass, lemon, orange rind and red apples. A finish that is very short with some soft vanilla and honey sweetness on the teeth. Scoring me an 5,5 out of 10. Surprising this because I like much of the Craigellachie bottlings, official and independent. 

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