Beinn Dubh

At the Speyside Distillery after the tour the Beinn Dubh expression was poured for a taste. This whisky is bottled at 43%. The nose is at first a bit vinegary to me combined with sweet molasses and cassis notes.

There are flavours of woodpolish, old books and soft leather. It gets honey sweeter fast with some redcurrant and thick vanilla notes. It is like pudding with red topping, fudge, dried fruits, caramel and raisins.

The palate is sweet with loads of red apple, vanilla pudding, strawberry syrup, honey, raspberries, cranberry and cherry. Bit dryness at first then sweeter notes appear of the cassis and molasses again. Nose and palate are very similar looking at the total picture.

Not that long finish with fruit and honey. A bit too sweet for my personal taste, scoring it an 7/10. Thanks Speyside Distillery for the sample to take home to have another look at this expression.

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