Whisper Man's Gin

The Whisper Man's Gin comes from the Dutch Kalkwijck distillery and is bottled at 42%. The nose is a mixture of fresh citrus, mint, sweet vanilla, elderflower blossom, gooseberry, juniper berries, fennel and ginger.

On the palate I find some dry woody and nutmeg notes rising through the sweet and fresh notes that I found on the nose. It is soft and creamy, with almost a spongy vanilla cake with elderflower blossom feeling, not too overpowering in flavours and aromas but a nicely balanced dram.

This gin shows some different fruit notes to me like oranges, red apple, red grapes, vigs, lime and something more tropical honey sweet in the back like pomegranate and kiwi. Cucumber, grilled courgette, pine nuts, dates and some soft herbal notes like thyme, sage and marjoram.

I find this gin not something that needs to be mixed, but can be enjoyed just as it is. The nose is fresher then the palate, that shows some more wood liquerish and herbal notes, almost a bit more earthy. Scoring it an 7,5/10. Lovely addition to our growing gin collection.

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