Kalkwijck Distillers released in 2015 their first whisky bottled at 42%. The name Eastmoor referring to the eastern moors that have been a great influence in the history of the region where the distillery is situated, like a tribute to the men that changed the landscape to the way it is now. This whisky sold out very quickly when it was released so very thankful that Lisanne was able to collect enough for a sample to make some tasting notes. 

Soft but sweet syrupy nose with notes of grain and flower creamy honey. Some yellow raisins, wasabi nuts, dried fruits, fresh apple juice, hints of lime, vanilla, ginger bread, cumin seeds and nutmeg.  

On the palate I find it to be a bit creamy and the feeling of breakfast cereal with Greek yoghurt. Some sour fresh lime, orange and grapefruit notes before the soft red berries, strawberries, and blackcurrant come forward. Creamy vanilla, honey and a bit of baking spices make it complete. 

Balanced dram but the finish could have been a bit longer I find, but maybe also a higher percentage then 42% could help it to give a stronger profile. Being 3 years old it is young on the nose and palate, but not unpleasant and soft, not that harsh roughness you often see with younger whiskies, scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. Curious to see what more is coming from this distillery in the next couple of years. Thanks Lisanne for sharing it! 

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