Nikka - Taketsuru 17 years old

Photo The Whisky Exchange
The Nikka Taketsuru is an 17 year old blended Japanese whisky bottled at 43%. On the nose I first get some sweet vinegar pickles and fudge. A bit strange combination together to find in whisky but it is very interesting must say.

It is quickly followed by notes of warm leather, raisin, vanilla, dried plums, figs, mixed dried fruits, cherry wood, cherry blossom and mint freshness.

The palate is filled with powerful sweet dried fruit notes with some cinnamon dryness that transforms quickly to a mixture of dark liquerish, red apple, oranges and wood.

Bit of dark chocolate in the back between the dried apricots, honey, mocha and vanilla. Quite a good length finish with some dry peaty, fudge and malt notes. Lovely dram and scoring it an 8 out of 10.

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