Midleton - Very rare blended Irish whiskey - 2009

From the Midleton distillery I got a sample of an expression called "very rare blended Irish whiskey 2009" and bottled at 40%.

On the nose I find some grassy notes, lemon and grapefruit freshness mixed with cardamom pods. Almost a fragrant green tea feeling with some jasmine, blossom and cherry wood shavings.

Freshly backed pastry with rich vanilla, jams and warm spices. Getting also a bit of green apple and fudge after a while. There is lovely freshness on this nose combined with soft sweetness.

Palate is much like the nose, same flavourprofile and balance. Soft creamy and pleasant feeling. The sweeter fruit notes come stronger to the front then on the nose, there I find more the different spices and green tea at the front.

A good length finish with loads of vanilla pudding, raisins, banana, red apple, baking spices and redcurrant. Enjoying this whisky very much and scoring it an 8/10. Thanks Johanne for sharing it!

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