The Singleton Tailfire

Singleton Tailfire is part of the Classic Malts Selection and bottled at 40%. The nose is vanilla sweet and full of red apples, oranges and malt notes combined with ripe red forrest fruits.

Getting some pepper also with some other almost earthy feeling notes in the back. Cant put my finger on it at the moment, but makes me think of a good slice of ham and some backed mushrooms.

On the palate there is a lot of sweetness from honey, vanilla and different fruits. Then it changes a bit towards more fresh and acidic citrus notes. Bit of caramel bitter note in the back of the not too long finish. Maybe lingering towards those banana foam candies?

I don't know for sure with this one, feels like something missing almost? It is fruity, fresh and sweet, but seems to be lacking something somewhere? Scoring it an 7 out of 10. Had some food pairing with it at a festival a while back and thought that was very good, so maybe that is the thing I am looking for.

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