Craigellachie 23 year old

This 23 year old whisky, bottled at 46%, from the Craigellachie distillery was presented in a line up for a Twitter Tasting together with the 13, 17, 19 and 21 year old.

Nose gives me at first some herbal notes with apples that are too far gone... Some sourness and metallic leaning towards bit sulphur almost and there is some fruit hiding behind these other notes.

On the palate I find some tropical fresh fruits, vanilla, raisin, dried apricots, oranges, fudge, grapefruit, black pepper and red apples. Lots of dense sweetness in it and I find myself chewing it a bit. Bit feeling of wax combined with banana peel.

Warm, middle length finish with a bit caramel and cassis feeling in the end. Scoring it an 7 out of 10. Not too blown away by it sadly... Think my sweet spot with this distillery lies around 17 to 19 years...  Thanks for sharing these samples with us all in the Twitter Tasting!

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