Yoichi Non Age

From Drinks By The Dram comes this lovely The Whisky Advent Calender. On day 2 we got to open a Japanese whisky from the Yoichi Distillery. This distillery is the 1st one to be established by Nikka in 1934. This bottling is a no age statement single malt. 

First nosing this one I get the notes of mulled fruits and bread baking in the oven. Bread that is just not yet done all the way... Maybe it reminds me more of yeast somewhere thinking of it now. Getting green apples, sultana, vanilla, orange pits, some very light dry spice notes, candied lemons and oranges. It has some dense sweet layers in it but also shows fresh and light notes.

The citrus notes come back lovely on the palate, bit sourness going on in the vanilla richness. Staying also with the freshly baked bread notes. Getting the feeling of warm bread just out of the oven, taking the first bite with salty butter melting on top of it. It has something of light roasted malt. 

It has a soft medium length finish but also feels a bit "fragile" to me. Adding water to it seems to destroy it fast. The lovely fruit notes fade away then. Without water it has some caramel, red apples, pear juice, the texture of banana peel and a little bit of sugar cane. In the end there is some dry peat noticeable. Scoring it an 7,5 out 10. Thanks to the people at Drinks By The Dram for including this one in the Advent Calender to try out.

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