Port Askaig 100° proof

From the Whisky Exchange we got a sample of the Port Askaig 100° proof, bottled at 57,1% to try. You can some more information on it by following this link

Sweet and salty nose with lots of fruit and something mineral between the soft peat smoke. Pears simmered in red wine and cinnamon sticks.

A mixture of rubber and medicinal comes to mind, it sounds bad, but combined makes a real good mixture with the soft peat smoke.

Lovely sweet mixture of different orchard and tropical fruit notes comes forward on the palate. Getting warm red apple, banana, pineapple and warm cherries.

Blackcurrant, red berries and the pears from the nose again. It has something of honey suckle behind the smoke in it.

Medium length finish with sweet warm fruits and vanilla lingering on. Giving this one an 8,5 out of 10. This is whisky you just sit down with and relax without having a mouth of peat left behind the next morning.

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