Ichiro's Malt - Chichibu - On the way - Tasting Notes


At Maltstock I found on the sharing tables a bottle of Ichiro's Malt from the Chichibu Distillery 'On the way'. I was told there were more bottles around of other expressions that day, but sadly those were gone before I could have a try. On the exploration into Japanese whisky I always try to get some notes down if I get the chance. Poured myself a dram and found a spot to sit down a bit and enjoy this one.

This bottle is number 4022 of 9900. It is bottled in 2013 at 58,5%. What I could find about this release was that this is their first five year old release. A mix of different whiskies from the time they opened in 2008 and including their oldest 5 year old. It has been in bourbon casks first but have been finished in mizunara, the Japanese Oak.

At Maltstock I asked Yumi Yoshikawa, Brand Ambassador for Chichibu Distillery, about this one, and if I understood correctly they used only a few from 2008 and most from 2010. And that the total amount of casks used would have been around 42/43. I understood there that not all was finished in mizunara. But something to find more about for sure. If any of you got some more information then please let me know.

So, what on the tasting notes...? The nose is filled with tones of malty and a bit green nutty rucola, and toast. At first a bit grassy and underlying there is some sweet orchard fruit coming through. Cinnamon, Asian spices, bit wood and soft leather.

The palate is sweet and filled with vanilla notes, raisin, light floral, fruity, green apples, banana and a bit tropical fruit notes. It continues on the medium length finish with cocoa, vanilla and a light citrus note in the back. It is a bit dry woody must say, but also has a very sweet taste to it. Scored it a 7 out of 10 for this quick nosing and tasting. Always difficult to do at festivals with all the other impressions and flavors going round. But tasting more and more from this distillery makes me know for sure I have to keep my eyes open for this one.

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