Douglas Laing - Old Particular - Clynelish 17 - Tasting Notes

At Maltstock in the masterclass from Jan Beckers got to try this one from the Old Particular series.

Some details on this one:
- Clynelish Distillery
- Bottle 1 of 726
- Refill but REF - DL10033
- No coloring
- 48,4 % abv
- Distilled Oct 1996
- Bottled Oct 2013
- Non chill filtered

Barley, almonds, light citrus, sweet, fruity, honey, apricots and vanilla. With some water added it got some more light fruity and floral notes, like roses, clovers and thistles.

Sweet fruity, ripe stone fruit, apricots, red pepper, honey, vanilla, custard, creamy, milk chocolate bar with crunchy bits and some citrus. Pink grapefruit, pomolo and a creamy mouth feel from the milk chocolate. 

Medium length finish, sweet, fruity and vanilla. The citrus and white chocolate leave you with a very nice creamy finish. 

Sweet and fresh dram. With this quick nosing and tasting I gave it a 7,5 out of 10. Certainly something to look up again and have another nosing and tasting for some more extended notes on it. It felt full of different flavors and balanced. 

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