Four Roses - Single Barrel - Casknr 34.2S - Tasting Notes

Four Roses - Single Barrel - Casknr. 34.2S

Sweet, spice, honey, heather, plums, thyme, pickles, woody, fruits, toffee, vanilla

Pepper, honey, fruits, cherry's, raspberry

Dry, sweet and a bit woody. Does not stay long.

5,5 out of 10, sharp on the nose due to the 50 abv, has some fruity sweet tones to it, but misses something to my opinion.

"A dark cherry fruit pie with a very dry bottom"

Tasting scores explained a bit. It all depends on the moment, ambiance etc, but to have a guideline for my own preferences. This differs for each person... See my wish list in the menu above to see what I prefer the most at the moment.

1  No,no,no
<5  Maybe need to taste again, but would not end up in the collection, depends of the matter of between 1 and 5 how fast I will try it again.
5-6 It's a maybe, but not very enthusiastic about it. Can drink it, but if I have a choice I will choose something different. Don't have to wake me up for these.
6-7 I like, but they just miss something on the taste, finish, depth of flavours ect to make this something wow! Love to have a dram sometimes of that but buy a whole bottle? Mhmm... not sure...
7-8 Well, you can start waking me up for these, more depth, these I would love to add to my collection
8-9 With these I would love to sit for a while and just enjoy, and slowly, very slowly enjoy these. These I would absolutely love in my collection, but sadly not always in my price range. 
9-10 Well, what can I say, just wow...... No words to describe it. Wake me up now!!

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