Ardbeg Corryvreckan - Tasting Notes

Photo made by Thomas
Pine, liquorish, seaweed, sweet and fresh tones in it. Citrus fruits, mint, honey, vanilla, grapefruit, raisin. Hint of toast, marmalade, and maple syrup. Red pepper, chocolate and oranges.

Just a lovely full nose on this dram, that just keeps you diving your nose into it.

Honey, spice, pepper, vanilla, raisin, figs, peach, bit salty, fresh like peppermint, chocolate and liquorish.

Notes of the citrus and orange marmalade from the nose come back on the palate mixing with a load of fruit but also some salty seaweed notes.

Liquorish and warm long finish, with a bit of lemon twist in it. Bit red grapefruit and custard with chocolate in the end...

8 out of 10. Lovely balanced dram with a full profile of delicious notes on the nose and palate.

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