Wagging Finger Gin - Batch #2

Photo copyright Thomas Speller
You probably have seen the WhiskySpeller article called 'No Guts, No Glory' coming by on one of the social media platforms telling the story of the Wagging Finger distillery with Erik Molenaar as a distiller making some great gins. A while back I had a closer look at batch 1 and Interludium Gin (specially bottled for MMM) but with the bottom of the batch 2 bottle in sight due to the recent warm summer nights it was time to write some notes down on it.

Lots of similar notes I can find in batch 1 and batch 2. But in this new bottling, with an adjusted recipe (love to see these kind of experimentations being done) it is fresher with more citrus and juniper notes that are more in the front then before. Mixed with Fever-Tree tonic water and Fever-Tree elder flower tonic water on different occasions, putting it to the test I liked both results very much. But with the elder flower tonic it tones down the juniper note a bit and makes a lovely fruity/floral mix due to the elder flower. But with the normal tonic added it explodes in citrus freshness and spices.

Tasted neat I get on the nose loads of creamy lemon cheesecake and freshly made lemon lemonade notes with angelica root, mace, tangerines, hint of clove, mint, thyme, baking spices, fresh and sweet apples, vanilla, juniper, liquerish root and something that lingers towards gummi bears (cant pin it down). The creamy palate shows me some notes of marzipan, honey, buttery cookie dough, dried cranberry, juniper, raspberry and vanilla. This all mixed with citrus fruits and a hint of pine, thyme and mint giving it a fresh and fruity sweet feeling. The medium length finish has some notes of baking spices, soft vanilla, angelica root, black current and juniper berries. The list with favourite gins like Kirsty's Gin, Botanist Gin, Whiskper Man's Gin, Dutch Courage aged gin and Eden Mill Gins (still have to make some notes on these, coming soon) keeps growing and growing (some more things to explore still) and this one from Wagging Finger is another one added to it for sure! Looking forward to seeing more from this distillery! Thanks Erik for sharing!

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