Wolfburn - New Make

When visiting the Wolfburn distillery recently a chance was given to taste the 2016 new make spirit. Always a great chance to have a look at the spirit of a distillery, especially when you can get the unpeated and peated next to each other. First a look at the unpeated one at 69,9%. On the nose I get grain, apples, creamy, fudge, overripe mashed banana, blackcurrant and hint of cassis. The palate shows me a hint of floral notes and some sweet orchard fruits. Some earthy note between the creamy malt and some dry note on the finish like a spicy wood note combined with shortbread. For just a short period of the year they produce a lightly peated spirit at 10 ppm and 69,5%. In what way are there differences with the unpeated and 10 ppm? It is just a small difference but it makes for something more creamy and sweet for sure with adding some soft smoke notes, fennel and heather that is full in bloom. It seems to add an extra creamy fresh and sweet layer to the notes on the nose found before. The palate carriers a good punch of spices, fruit and malt sweetness. The smoke is subtle, but I have the feeling it can handle more. Would be great to see what they are going to do in the future and if small batches at different peat levels will be hitting the market. Good and promising spirit. Thanks for sharing it Wolfburn!

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