Eden Mill - Chocolate & Golden Promise Pale malt

Having a look at the Eden Mill new make spirit made of chocolate malt versus the 1 year old spirit made of golden promise pale malt and chocolate malt. Earlier I all ready put the new make and 1 year old spirit of the golden promise malt next to each other, you can find that one here, so curious to see what the chocolate malts adds to this all. First up is the new make spirit...

On the nose I find notes of toast, malt sweetness, dark demerara sugar and meaty notes covered in thick BBQ sauce. Creamy mocha, hint of cinnamon, sweet summer fruit notes, fresh orange juice with some grapefruit mixed through it.

The palate has something that makes me think almost of a cherry chupa pop with the gum inside. A thick feeling of red current, black current, chocolate mouse, butterscotch and biscuits. A soft note of banana, pear juice and red apple. With some water added the nose becomes less thick and meaty. The palate shows with water more lush creamy chocolate mouse and mocha notes. Different kind of coffee and chocolates going through my head, bonbons and truffles.... nomnomnom

Lets have a look at the 1 year old spirit called Hogmanay 2015, made of golden promise pale malt and chocolate malt, matured in American virgin oak and bottled at 43%. The nose has loads of malt sweetness, green apples, oranges and tangerines. Also picking up some mixed floral notes, pickled onions and strawberry cherry chupa chups. Becomes syrupy sweet with some spices, cocoa powder and mocha after some time in the glass.

The palate is filled with blackcurrant jam, thick cassis notes, caramel, vanilla, honey, a bitter nutty wood note, malt sweetness, demerara sugar, red apples, banana, oranges, pink grapefruit and plums. A medium length sweet finish. Found the golden promise pale malt spirit on its own very pleasant. This is also a very nice combination of malts used to make this spirit, but hope it wont overpower it all in time and keeps a nice balance. Curious to taste more of this along the way of its maturation to see what it does... 

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