Wagging Finger Gin - Batch 1

The Dutch Wagging Finger distillery has just released their first gin bottling, batch 1 at 44%. On the nose it is lovely fresh and also sweet from different citrus fruits like pomolo, orange, tangerines and a dash of grapefruit. Mint, pepper, lemon thyme, cardamom, juniper berries, light note of sandalwood and some soft spices with creamy vanilla and lemon cheesecake follow that freshness.

The palate is much like the nose, a bit more baking spices appear on the front together with some dryer notes of wood, ginger and juniper. It still has the freshness from the nose coming through it, but has a bit more earthy feel almost to it.

Finding notes of nettle, lime, blood oranges, banana peel, marzipan, cookie dough and allspice on the palate also. Soft, sweet and fresh gin with a medium length finish and quite enjoyable drinking neat. Scoring an 7,5 out of 10. Great start of this distillery and looking forward to what the future brings!

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