The Grainman - Cambus 25 year old

From Meadowside Blending we were already familiar with the lovely expressions in The Maltman range. Now they have released a new line called The Grainman with single cask grain whiskies.

The first one to take a look at is an 25 year old expression from the Cambus distillery. Distilled on September 1990 and bottled in January 2016 at 48,5% after being finished in Sherry cask number 103. Bottled at cask strength and no chill-filtration or colouring.

Nose has something honeycomb sweet but also bit waxy notes. Powdered sugar, rich vanilla, brioche, yellow raisins, dried apricots and some mixed wild flower notes. Getting also some fresh citrus freshness from orange, lemon and grapefruit. Like a rich sweet dense fruitcake with a bowl of fresh fruit next to it giving almost a bit sweet tropical feel to it all.

The palate is also very sweet and lots of fruit notes, both fresh and dried, that come to the front. Sweet vanilla and honey with some light notes of leather, tobacco, prunes and figs. The fresh citrus notes punch through the thick sweet notes very well and leave a coating of candied citrus sweets behind.

The finish I find a bit on the short end sadly, leaving me with some dry leather notes and hint of cocos shavings. Loving the nose on this one! Scoring me an 8 out of 10. Even with the short finish a lovely dram. Thanks for sending over a sample of this Andy!

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