Gordon & Macphail - The Macallan - 2006/2015

From "The Wood makes the Whisky" campaign from Gordon & Macphail comes an expression from the Macallan distillery distilled in 2006 and bottled at 43% on 17/11/2015.

On the nose a good amount of sulphur and bit waxy to start with. Then the smell of a very ripe, almost black banana and soft leather. Light note of equaliptus and some stronger ones of dates and oranges. A bit of cocoa powder in the back and it makes me think a bit of Jenever with same sort of herbal notes.

The palate has some fruit sweetness and bit creamy. Hints of malt and good amount of fudge.
Don't think I tasted it before in a whisky but getting baklava on it. Also some mango, banana all mashed up, vanilla and light leather with oranges. Bit weird, but not unpleasant, but also a bit sulphur on the medium length finish mixed within the vanilla and white chocolate.

Nose grows on you with the sulphur must say but on the finish it gives me a bit dry and sourly feeling. Like the feeling of biting into a slice of lime while you had it in your bacardi cola and it comes against your teeth when taking a sip. This whisky leaves me a bit puzzled to be honest. It is ok, but does not feel completely balanced and a bit young? But maybe it is just that I am not a huge fan of sulphur notes. Scoring it an 7 out of 10. Thanks Gordon & Macphail for providing the sample to taste this one.

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