Glenfarclas 25 year old

In 2013 I had the chance to make a note on the Glenfarclas 25 year old and I loved it back then. Two years later another chance for a taste is given with The Whisky Advent Calender. Day 1 revealed to be the Glenfarclas 25 year old... A good start of the December month wont you say?

"A warm dessert in a glass" is what I wrote down in 2013. With on the nose raisins, vanilla, red apple, wood, marmalade, nuts, mint, citrus, fruity and apricots. The palate notes where back then honey, heather, apricots, wood, chocolate, nuts, cacao, butter, fruits, spice and vanilla. Warm and sweet finish that ends in chocolate ice-cream mixed with roasted nuts. Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10.

Well lets see what I can get out of it in 2015 shall we? The first impression when putting my nose in the glass is that it transfers me back to standing in a dunnage warehouse, walking past various kinds of casks, taking in a deep breath of this lovely angle share hanging around. The notes from earlier are still matching. Creamy, sweet and intense fruity. Makes me think of deserts, like pavlova with red summer fruit. Some fresh notes of citrus, mint and orange mixing with the sweeter ones.

It is a rich dram, balanced and with a good length finish. Lots of rich fruits, mango, canned pineapple, ripe banana, red apple, fudge and a bit malty. Lovely soft creamy chocolate, marshmallows and nut notes rising to the front. Yeah, still liking it very much, and even adjusting my score on this one. I would now score it an 8 out of 10. Thanks for the Drinks By The Dram team for sharing this lovely dram in the Advent Calender.  

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