SMWS 41.64 - Sharing, caring loving dram

The SMWS bottling marked 41.64 and titled "Sharing, caring loving dram" was shared with us in the Maltstock masterclass by John McCheyne, of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Lovely Dailuaine, 30 years old, distilled on the 25th September 1984, matured in a refill hogshead and only 210 bottles released at 53,3%. What does SMWS tell us about this dram? 
On the nose, woody perfumes (furniture polish, pine) mingled with aromatic fruits (pineapple, mango, sangria, mojito) against a sweet background of brown sugar, toffee, honey and marzipan. The palate was full-flavoured and delicious – mainly sweet (crème brûlée, puff candy, caramel, flapjacks) but with black pepper and sandalwood interest. The reduced nose continued this magical combo of sweetness and wood –chocolate, toffees and cakes on a polished wooden board; combined with aromatherapy oils this seemed to present a gesture of sharing and caring love. The palate had mixed dried fruit and moist cinnamon and ginger cake – sweet, spicy, fragrant and ‘fabby-dabby-doo’. Drinking Tip - When you have plenty of time to appreciate it – ideal for sharing with someone you care for and love
Well.... being at Maltstock and not being able to make full notes on this dram at that time I did not get the whole fabby-dabby-doo and all the other full list of notes the SMWS tells us off... But I get that it is a great rich dram, sadly with a bit of a short finish, but lovely. It kept developing and showed me some oranges, cloves, spices, liquerish and vanilla. It was white chocolate sweet with raisin, mango, marzipan, ginger, mint and lime. Nice fresh and sweet, and scored it an 8 out of 10. Thanks John for bringing this one along to the Netherlands so we could taste it...! 

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