Douglas Laing - Old Particular - Strathclyde 27yo

Recently Douglas Laing shared with us some new grain expressions, in here was also the Old Particular Strathclyde 27 year old, bottled at 51,5%. This one I found to be difficult to get to the bottom of to be honest.

On the nose I found it to be soft at first but also showing a bit glue notes. Followed by grassy and light sourly fruit notes. White grapes, green apples and some freshness in the back. Sweet raisin, vanilla, light leather note and I think some peanuts also? Something I just cant place that is giving a dry note...

The palate is for me at first sour and sweet at the same time, just as the nose. But there is crème brulee vanilla softness and sweetness also. Green sour apples and grassy notes on the medium length finish.

Scored this one a 6,5 out of 10, not blown away by it sadly. The bit sour glue nose and dryness that suppresses the sweetness combined with the dry layer in the nose as well the palate makes it for me not a balanced dram. Curious to read what others might thought of this expression...

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