Murray McDavid - Mystery Malt

In the recent Murray McDavid Twitter Tasting there was a mystery malt presented to us. The only thing we got revealed that it is aged for 16 years, and
no wine casks were involved, that it is a classic bourbon and Sherry duo and bottled at 46%.

The nose was grassy at first, with pink grapefruit, vanilla, green apple, orange, granola and white chocolate. Sweet, creamy and also fresh. No deep sweetness in this one. 

On the palate I found much of the notes coming from the nose, but also some orange marmalade, red apple, nutmeg, custard and high lemon creamy notes. Sweetness, liquerish, hint of spring onions and lemon thyme. The finish was of medium length and sweet with the feel of vanilla and granola lingering on. Scored it an 7 out of 10. It feels balanced, but just missing something in it that would make me go wow, but nice relaxing dram for sure. 

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