Hyde 10 year old

Conor Hyde from Hibernia Distillers Ireland send us a sample of the Hyde 10 year old to look at. This is a double matured Irish whiskey, in 1st fill bourbon casks and finished in sherry casks made of white European oak that is sourced from the province of Cadiz in Andalucia (West Spain). It is made from 100% malted Irish barley and comes from a single distillery. Limited release of 5000 bottles,  non chill filtered and bottled at 46%.

The nose is sweet, creamy, light malty note, peaches, honey, lemon, oranges, vanilla, warm soft pineapple, thyme, white pepper, dried apricots, dried figs and raisins. There is a warm spice layer beneath the sweet fruits.  Some little hints of oak, liquerish and grass.

Moving on to the palate there are the same notes to be found as on the nose. It is a warm and fruity expression with light spices and lots of citrus fruit notes in it. Some grapefruit, banana, red apple, pear juice and a hint of chocolate and some dry coconut. A fresh minty vanilla note on the medium length finish with a sugar cane sweet finish on the teeth.

Scoring it a good 7/10 for sure with a pleasant nose and palate. Prices I could find seem to be going from around 60 to 75 euro. That is not cheap for sure, but it is an Irish whiskey that shows something different. The sherry cask finish gives it a lovely edge to it but not overpowering so the typical Irish feel is still to be found in here. Thanks Conor for sending us a sample and letting us enjoy this release!

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