Danica Gin

From the Braunstein distillery comes the Danica gin, bottled at 44,7%. Eleven different herbs, roots, berries and rose pedals are added to the neutral grain alcohol and water from Greenland. Left for a night and then distilled again.

Juniper, sage, pine, fresh, green apple, floral, sweet and hint of an earthy note underneath. Cardamom, bergamot, coriander, liquerish and lavender. A promising nose for sure.

Fresh but with a bit bitter note. The sweetness dissipated fast and is replaced by a high lemon citrus peel and rand feel. The delicate notes from the nose are not so visible any more and only bitter hard herbal notes are left. A bit raw feel to it.

Dry and not really a finish detected sadly. Some laurel, sage and clove notes with the dry feel stay behind.

Ok, I am new to the world of gin, but my score does not get higher on this one then a 6/10 due to the promise of the nose not being delivered on the palate and finish. I can imagine this one being a good one not for straight drinking as I did now, but more used in mixed drinks. Not for me this one, but please try your selves and I love to hear what you think of it. The road of discovery in gins continues.... Thanks Werner for sharing it!

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