Braunstein Danica Whisky - Non peated

From the Danish Braunstein distillery comes this non smoked whisky that is matured in a selection of Sherry and Bourbon casks. The sample we received comes from bottle batch no: 10-06-15 and is at 42%.

Sweet and fruity nose. Thick honey, maple syrup, creamy chocolate and elderflower blossom. Banana, apricots, vanilla, red apples and some juicy ripe pears. A dense fruit cake, powdered sugar, marzipan and some light nuts in the back.

Bit high orange and lemon note breaking through the thick sweet fruit layer. They are covered fast again by the creamy honey, banana, red apple and chocolate. Sweet and makes me think of dried fruits, raisins, cherries, vanilla pods and figs.

Not too long, sweet and a bit of the ripe pears stays with a hint of wood and some dark chocolate.

7/10. It is a lovely product but a bit to sweet for me. Too much honey and vanilla richness. Can imagine this one with a sweet desert of fruit combined. Something to try for sure, and look for. Thanks Werner for sharing it with us!

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