The Botanist Gin - Tasting Notes

The Botanist is produced in a Lomond still called Ugly Betty at the Bruichladdich Distillery. It is made from the nine classic gin botanicals combined with 22 local herbs and flowers

Sweet and fresh, mint, juniper, honey, green grassy notes, coriander and liquerish. Reminding me of wild flowers, and clovers, lavender, thistle, buttercups, zucchini flowers. Some lovely fruit notes like orages, lemon and red apples coming through the layers of herbal and floral notes. Like walking through a wild garden that is fully in bloom and giving of their aroma's.

Fresh citrus creamy notes at first, with almost a lemon cheesecake feel to it with chocolate sprinkles. Then the sweet fruity and floral notes come rolling in on the palate. There is some rich orange and mint freshness with coriander mixed with lovely berries. The notes from the nose come back lovely and I do not have lots of experience yet with gins but liking this one for sure.

Medium length finish with a sweet liquerish and creamy vanilla/honey feel to it.

Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. Only got a sample of this home, but would love to have myself a bigger bottle of this one.

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