Rock Oyster - Tasting Note

Tasting the Rock Oyster bottled at 46,8%. On the nose I find at the first sniff a bit fresh and salty note. Some lemon, malt and combined with some Port Salut cheese note. I kept sniffing it and keep coming back to that one. Mhmm... ok.

Lets have another sniff see if I can find something more in it? Keep thinking of something creamy and lots of lemon. The cheese stays combined with maybe a plate of fresh bread, salt and good olive oil. This has a fresh and salty character for sure! But there is a sweet layer with some fruit and herbs underneath, but I seem to have trouble accessing them a bit. 

Taking a sip gives me back the same flavour profile as on the nose, but with stronger some chili peppers, honey sweetness and heather flavours. It keeps its salty and citrus byte that gives it a certain freshness. Can imagine that this one goes very well with seafood for sure. The finish is I think of a good length, not too long and overpowering, but leaves you with just enough herbal and citrus freshness.

Like citrus thyme, heather and mint mixed into one, with a splash of lime over it. The creamy Port Salut stays from beginning to end also. And when mixing with a bit of water it gives me the expression that creamy side comes more to the front together with some honey sweet notes, figs, sultana, dried banana and apricots. But not much, the other, bit harsher, notes keep lying on top of this palate. Scoring me a good 7 out of 10.

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