Caperdonich 1994 - 18 YO - The Ultimate - Tasting Notes

This lovely bottling of Caperdonich 18 year old from the Ultimate bottlings by van Wees I tasted before in the end of 2013 and made some notes on it. Lately, in November 2014 I had another chance to get a good look at and review my notes made on it earlier.

Light spirity nose at first, citrus tones coming first to mind. Vanilla, creamy, like desert notes. Some dried fruits, apricots and raisin.

When smelling it again a year later it was a bit acidic at first and needed time to warm up. After a bit it gave me spices like baking spices mixed with ginger and white pepper, sweet fruit, dense fruitcake, vanilla and raisins. There are fresh citrus notes behind the sweet blossom and apples, with some equaliptus leave "toughness" in the back together lingering there with some darker type of fruits. With some water added the nose gets more fresh/sweet lemon and orange peel scrapings.

Warm, sweet, lime, lemon cheesecake, creamy, fresh, some milk chocolate, marzipan, orange, pink grapefruit, pomolo, eucalyptus, apricots and honey.

On my second, a year later taste, I got much of the notes from the nose back again. Nice fruit and spices mixed with a creamy, soft and sweet feel to it. Little bit of mint, citrus freshness, ginger bread, sweet pastries, icing sugar and dark chocolate. With some water added it gets some more vanilla sweet and liquerish notes on the palate with sweet brioche.

Sweet, very sweet in the finish, and it fades rather quickly I sad on my first tasting. On the second try I found it to be a middle length finish with a bit dry mouth feel. Some sweet notes, cinnamon and ginger dryness combined with red apple skin.

My first score was a 7 out of 10 and I sad it to be a fresh, sweet and desert dram. Had some beautiful citrus notes in it. But found the finish too sugary sweet for my taste then. Now I could find some more depth in it, and scored it a 7,5. A nice dram for sure but not so sweet that I found in the first try.

Some details on this whisky:
  • Caperdonich 1994
  • 18 years old
  • Bottled at 46%
  • The Ultimate bottling
  • Hogshead 96525
  • Distilled 9/7/1994
  • Bottled 4/6/2013
  • Bottles filled 243

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