Douglas Laing - Director's Cut - Port Ellen 1983/2013 - 30 yo - Tasting Notes

Tasting a Director's Cut Port Ellen expression from Douglas Laing. Matured in a refill hogshead from February 1983 until December 2013. Marked with DL REF 10124 reference and producing only 102 bottles at 53,5% this expression is bottled at cask strength and with no additional colouring.

The nose at first was reminding me of an indoor sheepfold with peat, dirt, earthy, mushrooms, and notes of hay. Then there was some sweet fruit, vanilla, caramel and a bit chewy but not with much depth to it?

The palate was again peat, earthy, and hay. Mixed with red cabbage, red apple and cloves. The finish is not so long, but sweet and creamy. It scored me an 7 out of 10 at the masterclass. It is very soft, fruity, sweet and nice, but missing some depth as tasted with some others in this masterclass. Some bit earthy / cocoa powder dryness coming forward in the end.

Maybe I just don't understand or detect the magic of Port Ellen. Just have tried a few yet so not a very big frame of reference still, but cant seem to find the amazement people are talking about. Don't understand me wrong, it is a great dram, but it is not pleasing enough for me to want to run to the shops for and empty out the bank account.

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