Wemyss Malts - Single Cask Release "Aniseed Pastille" - Bowmore 1996/2014 - Tasting Notes

After the "In a Bleubell Wood" and "Cayenne Cocoa Bean" expression from Wemyss Malts it is time to dive into the third sample we received from them to enjoy. This one is from the Bowmore distillery and called "Aniseed Pastille". Distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2014.

It feels a bit oily and almost watery smelling it first, so I put it down again for a bit and warming my glass a bit. It slowly began to loose also the sulfur note I got at first in the glass. It also became more creamy and dark chocolate combined with the dry earthy notes coming from the peat and salty notes.

The nose gave me a peaty, salty, heather and some dark summer fruit notes. Dark fruit jelly, black currant, heavy floral note, and something vegetable almost? Bit "coastal" roughness going on in here, feels like the air when standing on the coastline with lots of seaweed and shells on the rocks, mixed with the thick heather notes from the fields behind you. Behind that all you can find the red dark summer fruits, red berries, thick cream and some sweet (middle eastern) heavier spices mixed with liquerish.

At first the dry salty peat is overpowering a bit with pushing the sweet thick layer to the back a bit. But when getting warmer it becomes more sweeter and finds some more balance.

The palate is almost like a mix of liquerish and jellybean sweet at first, then comes the sweet red forest fruit jam around the corner. It is strangely more dark summer fruits on the nose, and the red, bit lighter ones, come more through on the palate. It gives a lovely mix combined with the spices and coastal notes.

It has something heavy and "rough" feel but also fresh, sweet and fruity. It has a medium length finish and becomes warmer and sweeter with more time and warmth. Adding some water to it the salty notes become more sweeter and almost a bit meaty, just like a good roast just out of the oven, where it has been prepared with some warm dried fruits and some thick sweet spicy gravy. Giving this dram a 7,5 out of 10. A dram that pushed me to a lot of sides on the board for sure and also gave me some surprises. Thanks to Wemyss for sending us these samples to try out. It has been great exploring these! Lovely!

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