Wemyss Malts - Single Cask release "In a Bluebell Wood" - Glen Grant 1995/2014 - Tasting Notes

Recently we got an email from Wemyss Malts announcing their new range of single cask Scotch whiskies. This is what they told us about it.

This mouth-watering collection of new whiskies is named after the unique natural taste and aroma of each one and reflects the unique and contrasting appeals of the different Scotch whisky regions and styles. Each cask has been selected and named by the Wemyss tasting panel, under the watchful eye of industry aficionado Charlie Maclean. 

There are only a few hundred bottles from each cask and the suggested retail prices range from £70 to £200. These bottlings will be available in selected retailers in the UK, EU and key Asian markets. William Wemyss, Founder and Managing Director at Wemyss Malts, commented: “We continue to source and select some truly memorable single casks for our range. This time we've chosen single casks from some of the most popular distilleries and are excited to include our second single grain whisky from Invergordon and some rarer older whiskies. In fact, the combined age of the whiskies this release is 261 years!"

We received a lovely package from them directly after the email with three samples of this new collection to enjoy and make some notes on. The first one I sat down for to make some notes on it is the "In a Bluebell Wood" expression coming from the Glen Grant Distillery. Distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2014.

The nose is fresh and has notes of light fresh green fruit, like green apples and gooseberries. There is a sweet layer of vanilla and raisin underneath that also carries a lot of freshness from pink grapefruit and pomolo. After some time warming up the glass a bit the vanilla 'cupcake' feel gets stronger and delivers also some more light spring floral notes.

The bottle says "wild garlic and woodland flowers on the nose of this barrel with a honeycomb finish". That is something I can relate to, but there are some notes in here I feel are a bit too harsh and almost feel too citrus and young? There is a bit dry mouth feel like from sour white grapes.

The palate delivers some fresh, green and bit sour fruit notes at first with a big splash of lime through it. It gave me an image of willow wood flavours strangely. A light feel of soft honey in the back and bit oily mouth feel with vanilla and white grapes.

The medium length finish is a bit dry grape skin feel, with a bit too strong citronella running through it all. Can find myself in the description on the bottle but not sure if this is something I like. Know there are lots of people that love this mixture of citrus notes and bit sour/green feel. But for me it did not came higher at the moment then a 7+ out of 10. More notes to come on the other expressions sent to us. Keep an eye out here in the next days and also at Thomas his blog for his notes

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