Jim Beam - Devils Cut

Tasted this bourbon from Jim Beam at Whisky by the Sea first and was not pleased very much with it to be true. Gave it a quick 5 out of 10 then, very dry and like biting in a chunk of wood...

Not being so familiar with the expressions of Jim Beam we were glad to be able to attend a masterclass at Whisky Live in the Hague. Here I got a second taste at this one and found it to be more pleasing and just a bit less woody then experienced before.

The nose gives notes of vanilla, raisin, sweet, lots of spices, bit corn and some freshness. The palate is like the nose plus sweet baking spices and anise. Made me think of fresh baklava and puff pastry. A medium length sweet honeyed finish. Gave it a 7 out of 10 at this masterclass. Hope to have a 3rd try sometime at this one and complete my notes on it a bit more. The difference that time available, atmosphere and surroundings make with nosing and tasting keep amazing me every time.

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