Benromach 10 - 100 proof - Tasting Notes

At the Pot Still Festival I had a taste of the Benromach 10 - 100 proof. This is at 57% and the Benromach 10 years old is at 43%.

Just like the fresh sweet notes with vanilla, chocolate and cookies from the 10 year old the 100 proof has more a kick to it. It was great and had great baking spices notes, with chocolate chip cookies dough and almost like the egg note with raw dough.
Mixed with fruits and dried stone fruits and cocoa powder. A sweet and middle length finish and very enjoyable for sure!
Gave it a good 7 out of 10 for this quick taste.

A couple of months later at a Twitter Tasting I got the chance for a better nose and taste. On the nose it was a bit leathery and spice at first. Then dark honey, almonds, marzipan, almost going towards something like Christmas cake "thickness" or Dundee cake, red apples, vanilla, fruit richness, plums. Warming and full nose. Bit of apricot jam, little bit of ginger, demerara sugar, chewy nose, polished wood, spices. Hint of mint cherry (in dark juice), strawberry and little bit of beeswax.

The palate is much like the nose, rich, dark, sweet and full of spices and fruit. Vanilla, bit dry ginger, leather and some chili peppers. Bit hint of nuts in the back and then the marzipan, baking spices and dark honey and rich cake come to the front. Hint of mint, bit of molasses and cherry (warm), strawberry, beeswax and pastry. Buttery notes of shortbread, banana, orange marmalade and bit chewy. 

There is some light smoke on the finish. A quite a good finish on this one, with some summer fruit sweetness with chocolate sprinkles in it.

The second try on this one I scored it a 7,5-8 out of 10. Complex and rich dram. 

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