Tomintoul 33 yo - Tasting Notes

This 33 year old bottling of Tomintoul Distillery replaces the old 27 yo bottling.

Warm fruity jam notes, dark forest fruit, sweet, honey, rich vanilla, demerara sugar, plums, figs and dark chocolate.

Warm spices and cookie dough, red apples, little bit of nuts and some chilli pepper.

Rich fresh cherry flavour, bit cassis, and lots of dark forest fruits. Sweet, jam, plums, orange and some lemon in the back.

Creamy, vanilla, rich fruitcake, dried stone fruits, raisin, toffee and a hint of some dry nuts. Unlike in the 21 year old I like it in the combination with the dark summer forest fruits, and not so much coming to the front.

Middle length finish with some dark chocolate, caramel and creamy vanilla in the mix. Still a bit dry in the end like the 21 year old expression.

7 out of 10. This one is not easily found any more in stores I noticed and goes from approx. 150 to 180 euro's easily it seems. I like it, but for that money I am not sure. It is sweet, fruity and with a fresh note, but not for that money I must say, just a bit steep I find...

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