Tomatin - Cuatro Series - Oloroso Finish - Tasting Notes

In the Twitter Tasting of Tomatin, organized by The Whisky Wire we got the possibility to taste the new Cuatro Series next to each other, all with different Sherry finishes. First up was the Fino Sherry, then followed by Manzanilla, Oloroso and PX. All distilled in 2002, transferred in 2011 for the finish in a Sherry Butt, and then bottled at 12 years old in 2014. Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and no coloring added.

Custard, vanilla, berries, figs, prunes, raspberry, heather honey, anise, cherries and orange marmalade. Raisins and spongecake and also Christmas cake are coming to mind. Spice, blackberries and a little hint of menthol in the back

This is clearly a bunch of Sherry notes that are coming to the front when tasting this one, feels warming, sweet and balanced. Rum raisin, vanilla, all the different berries from the nose come back and the anise is strong. Honey sweet with a bit dry tobacco leaf combined with some menthol and chocolate. A bit like After Eight sweets? But just very short a hint of it coming through.

Quite a lengthy finish on this one, filled with the warm notes of chocolate, vanilla, fudge and red peppers

This one is getting from me a good 7,5 out of 10. Very nice and full of warm notes. It feels balanced and this type of Sherry works very well with the spirit of Tomatin I think. Looking back in the tasting this one and the PX are definitely my favorites

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