Benromach Vintage 1976 - Tasting Notes

Thanks to Jan from Van Wees we got a sample send by Gordon & MacPhail of this Benromach 1976 beauty. Being born in 1976 this is something I just had to try out, and was not disappointing for sure!

Rich fruit tones, mocha, honeysuckle, caramel, tea biscuits, candy sweet, dark chocolate, orange, and some citrus freshness coming to the front a bit when warming up.

Bit creamy and brown sugar, pancakes, vanilla, grain oatmeal cookies, figs, light wood polish, crème brulee and raisins.

Bit dry bitter note at first from dark chocolate at first but then that quickly goes to the back and the sweet rich notes emerge of dried stone fruits, caramel, mocha and warm red apples.

Tangerines, bit mint, crème brulee, vanilla, raisin, chocolate chip cookie, pepernoten, creamy, almond paste, honey and Christmas cake

Medium length finish, creamy, vanilla and dark chocolate

8/10, beautifully rich, warm and balanced. It needs time but then becomes cotton candy sweet in the end.

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