Isle of Arran - The Devils Punchbowl III - The Fiendish Finale- Tasting Notes

Getting a dense nose, with some custard pudding with heavy summer fruits in syrup and white chocolate and mint. Also some earthiness and saltiness in there, but also like a bit of a port note almost...? Dried fruits, sweet, complex, french pastries, aniseed, vanilla and grapefruit in the back.

Palate on this complex beauty gives me a Christmas cake, red summer fruit, little thyme bitter, and fresh citrus notes. Pepper, chocolate, liquerish, apricot jam, hint of cinnamon, apples and grapes. Many fruity notes... 

Long finish, complex and rich dram with a chocolate finish, sweet, rich fruit cake, and dried fruit…

This one scored an 8 out of 10 for me. Thanks Isle of Arran Distillery and The Whisky Wire for this generous sample we received for the amazing #arranwhisky Twitter Tasting. 

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