Zuidam - Korenwijn 12 years old - Tasting Notes

Sweet, dried fruits and liquerish wood notes combined with custard, baking spices and ripe tropical fruits.

Banana, figs, dried apple, red berry, toffee, vanilla, pine resin, coconut milk, aniseed and creamy chocolate

Soft, cream, chocolate, raisin, honey, soft stone fruits, peaches, juniper, red berry, raspberry and black liquerish. 

Citrus freshness of lime and oranges. Red apple, foam banana sweets, vanilla, dried apricots. Reminds me a bit of Spekuk.

Middle to long finish, fruity and honey sweet. Soft chocolate cake with creamy filling and dried fruits.

8 out of 10. Rich nose and soft palate. Fresh. sweet and spicy.  This is a Korenwijn 12 years old from Zuidam, The Ultra Small Batch  - Special #2, distilled on 20-5-99 and bottled on 22-11-12. Was matured in Sherry cask no 1359, and bottled at 38% ABV.

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