Wemyss Malts - The Hive 12 years old - Tasting Notes

Dried fruit sweetness, dense fruit cake, some porridge with raisins, beeswax, soft flowers, honey, tangerines, some pomolo, chocolate and tutti frutti.

Red apple and some other fruits and after a bit the nose becomes more dense sweet almost bit like leather and more beeswax combination.

Syrup, sweet, dark floral honey, dark chocolate, red apple, banana, white grapes, tangerines, lemon, galia melon and beeswax again.

There are many fruit notes in there with some almost bitter citrus note coming to the front and overpowering a bit the sweet array of notes. There is some grape skin dryness and marmalade bitter?

Middle length finish, with some chocolate sweetness on there, combined with some wax.

Scored this one a 7 out of 10.  Maybe need to learn to appreciate marmalade more, that is very present in this dram... Honey, waxy and fruit sweet dram for sure!

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