Té Bheag - Tasting Notes

At first cereal, citrus, honey, pipe tobacco, salty sea wind, earth tones... But when you close your eyes and smell, you can imagine your self standing on the rocky shores of Scotland and feeling the rain in your face and wind in your hair... Lovely.

Sweet, bit spice in the back at first, bit liqeurish/fudge follows and then some woody sweetness combined with a bit honey and raisins. Bit salt in the end, and some soft fruit tones.  Just a lovely one, just to have in the collection, for when you feel like a dram, not too difficult, but has more then enough in it to make it interesting.

Not to long I find, but it leaves with the bit salty liqeurish , and sweet...

7,5 out of 10. This is one to standard have in the collection, especially for this price. Something everybody will appreciate I think if you have some friends over. Very nice...
More info on them can be found on their website.

Tasting scores explained a bit. It all depends on the moment, ambiance etc, but to have a guideline for my own preferences. This differs for each person. See my wish list in the menu above to see what I prefer the most at the moment. A low score will not meen I will maybe give it a second chance on a later time, but for now it is not for me...

1-5   Mhmm... Not liking this one...
5-6   Don't have to wake me up for this, not bad, but not my preference
6-7   I like, but they just miss something, to make me wanna buy a whole bottle
7-8   Well, you can start waking me up for these, more depth, these I would love to add to my collection
8-9   These are to be enjoyed slowly. These I absolutely would love to have a bottle, but sadly not always in my price range. 
9-10 Well, what can I say, just wow...... No words to describe it. Wake me up now!!

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