Isle of Arran 10YO - Tasting Notes

Citrus, orange, vanilla, lots of fruits, sweet, green apple, raisin, fudge, ripe stone fruits, banana, lemon curd, biscuits, buttery, minty, cookie dough.
Bit pepper in the beginning, then sweet and honey follows. Fruit, vanilla, raisin, lemon and a hint of mint at the end. Warm, apricots, peaches, chocolate, creamy, clove, nuts, orange.

Warm and fruity with the mint and chocolate entwined. Lovely citrus freshness coming through with backed almonds and marzipan

Sweet, soft, honey and hint of citrus in the back, not a very long finish. And a bit of black tea dryness in the back after the sweet has gone. Also some orange peel and marmalade coming through in the end.

Scored for me a 7 out of 10. Tasted this one in 2013 and the new 2014 release at a twitter tasting, so we could extend our existing notes a bit. Fresh, sweet, fruity and nice dram but not too complex... It is a bit too clean on the finish maybe...? 

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