Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey - Tasting Notes

Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

Ginger, apple, grain, vanilla, caramel, woody spice, fresh, toffee

Soft, creamy, toffee, vanilla, chocolate, raisin, soft mellow fruit flavors like melon/banana, and just a hint of orange. Fresh and light...

Sweet and coco butter, not long. Ending in a dry sweet mouthfeel.

6 out of 10. Does not have a bit kick to it but is warming. Not very difficult, it is a nice dram. But it is mostly sweet, sugary tones, for me it could have had some more different kind of layers in it, and a bit more on the nose. That would have made it more of a challenge.

Tasting scores explained a bit. It all depends on the moment, ambiance etc, but to have a guideline for my own preferences. This differs for each person... See my wish list in the menu above to see what I prefer the most at the moment.

1  No,no,no
<5  Maybe need to taste again, but would not end up in the collection, depends of the matter of between 1 and 5 how fast I will try it again.
5-6 It's a maybe, but not very enthusiastic about it. Can drink it, but if I have a choice I will choose something different. Don't have to wake me up for these.
6-7 I like, but they just miss something on the taste, finish, depth of flavours ect to make this something wow! Love to have a dram sometimes of that but buy a whole bottle? Mhmm... not sure...
7-8 Well, you can start waking me up for these, more depth, these I would love to add to my collection
8-9 With these I would love to sit for a while and just enjoy, and slowly, very slowly enjoy these. These I would absolutely love in my collection, but sadly not always in my price range. 
9-10 Well, what can I say, just wow...... No words to describe it. Wake me up now!!

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