Bruichladdich - The Laddie Twenty Two - Tasting Notes

Soft, honey, little bit of nuts, yellow apricots, citrus, vanilla, slightly salty, chocolate, soft sweet fruits

Chocolate, fudge, brown sugar, vanilla, mellow but with a strong and warm kick to it. Flavours like mango and a bit pineapple, and some other tropical soft fruits. Combination with the custard and cream biscuits make this a beautiful one.

Slightly dry in the beginning, but then vanilla, sweet, liqeurish, and many many sweet fruit tones. It just keeps on going. Fresh in the back, but also darker red berry kind of flavours in the front. Beautiful!

This beauty was distilled in 1990, and is 22 years old, matured on Bourbon. I give this one a 8 out of 10, just beautiful! The golden yellow color and the beautiful nose... And then the warm palate on this one... mhmm... Have to get myself a bottle of that one for an other tasting for sure. Just have to take some more time for this one, then we had at the Masterclass... We shall meet again I think :-)

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