Balblair Twitter Tasting

We have set it on the calendar for a while now, but today it was finally time for the Balblair Twitter Tasting... And oh my were we not disappointed!

The package which we received contained a little bottle of an 1997, 1990 and 1975 expression. We had to wait for the tasting to start, and warmed the senses a bit with a dram of the 2000 expresion of Balblair. Nice and gentle...

After that, twitter exploded a bit, it all went so quickly in the tasting, but so much fun! Just to read what other people think about something you are smelling and tasting that instance. Just having fun experiencing beautiful whisky!


Balblair - 2000 -  1st Release
Smell: Citrus, vanilla, raisin, orange, biscuit, mango, coconut
Taste: Honey, nuts, candy, liquirish, flowers, strawberry's, light, sweet, grapes, pineapple, pear.
Finish: Mouthfeel banana/pear, and liquirish stays a bit, long sweet taste...
Score: 7,5 out of 10
"Nice on a summers day, light and elegant"

Balblair - 1997 - 2nd Release
Nose: Citrus, honey, vanilla, fresh, fruity, green apple, melon, grapefruit, coconut, mango, minty, orange, lemon curd

Taste: Spicy, citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, pineapple, honey, heather, roses, white pepper, banana, apricot, ginger

Finish: Lingers a bit, not too long sadly, sweet anise milk taste with liquorish in the finish
Score: A good 7,5 out of 10
" Just feels like a warm blanket rapped around you when sitting besides the fire on a summer night "

Balblair - 1990 - Cask 1466
Nose: Citrus, little bit salty, pepper, coriander, ginger, slightly smoke far away, orange, floral, butterscotch
Taste: Pepper, banana, grapefruit, summer fruit, red berries, sultanas, baked fruit pie, vanilla, clove, warm spices, cinnamon, toffee
Finish: A bit dry and bitter on the very long finish, and keeps going. Like a brownie / fudge / red berry combination
Score: 8 out of 10
"Makes me want to snug closer to bonfire on the beach with a blanket, with a hot cup of coco, enjoying the sun going down, just makes you smile"

Balblair - 1975 - 2nd Release
Nose: Prunes, apple, citrus, darker wood, toffee, coconut, cinnamon, wintery spices. But also fresh and sweet, and chocolate, pistachio, leather. Just keeps coming...
Taste: Vanilla, warm, Christmas pudding, fruity, nuts, raisin, creamy, sugared fruit, honey, tropical fruits. Layer after layer, oh my....
Finish: That finish is so nice, long and warm. A dram full of layers this one, a challenge! Overripe bananas mouth feel, liquorish on the finish, and brownies.
Score: 9 out of 10
"It is sitting on a beach with your love, cuddling a bit, and enjoying the company besides the bonfire, just enjoying life! You can't stop smiling..." 

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