Auchentoshan 12YO - Tasting Notes

Vanilla, raisin, creamy, light, soft, fresh, citrus, apricots, caramel, nuts, apple, fruity

Honey, cereal, pepper, apricots, citrus, nuts, marzipan, chocolate, ginger, anise

Middle long, creamy, fruity, fresh, sweet. A bit mouth feel of a banana mixed with black tea

6 out of 10

"Walking through a dessert buffet, sniffing the aroma's"

Tasting scores explained a bit. It all depends on the moment, ambiance etc, but to have a guideline for my own preferences. This differs for each person. See my wish list in the menu above to see what I prefer the most at the moment. A low score will not meen I will maybe give it a second chance on a later time, but for now it is not for me...

1-5   Mhmm... Not liking this one...
5-6   Don't have to wake me up for this, not bad, but not my preference
6-7   I like, but they just miss something, to make me wanna buy a whole bottle
7-8   Well, you can start waking me up for these, more depth, these I would love to add to my collection
8-9   These are to be enjoyed slowly. These I absolutely would love to have a bottle, but sadly not always in my price range. 
9-10 Well, what can I say, just wow...... No words to describe it. Wake me up now!!

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