Tomatin 12YO - Tasting Notes

Banana, citrus, fresh, vanilla, dried apple, warm winter spices,
toast, barley, black pepper, raisin, nutmeg, dark sugar, red apple, very sweet toffee feel...

Cinnamon, toffee, dark chocolate bitterly taste, fruity, vanilla, raisin, figs and a bit dry spice like a big spoon full of nutmeg or cinnamon... Red apple, cookie dough, orange, lemon, and hint of wood?

Bit short, sweet and a hint of raisins, chocolate and citrus.

Tasted this one before when I just started writing tasting notes. Got just a few notes back then out of it and scored it a 6. Now coming back to it and getting FAR more out of it, and enjoying it also much more then the first time. It is sweet, fruity and very strong on raisins, but a bit dry on the palate to be honest and the finish a bit short, but still raising the score to 7 out of 10 now, it was very nice for sure...

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