Kintra 3rd Confidential Cask - 7 yo - Casknr. 900162 (2005-2012) - Tasting Notes

Sweet tones, pineapple, banana, caramel, orange, plums, apricots, citrus, round, fudge

Peper, caramel, star mint, chocolate, orange, mint, liquirish, fudge, vanilla

Middle long, sweet, fruity

9 out of 10. The distillery from this is not made publicly because they did not want to commit their name to an independent bottling I was told. Looking at the label what says Tarlogie Scalps and marked out clearly, it refers to the site used by a Highland distillery. This combined with the location, tasting notes and knowing that that the Tarlogie Springs are used by Glenmorangie, then this should make a perfect fit. Balblair is next door, but uses the Allt Dearg sources for water.  This whisky is so beautiful  round, and keeps developing!

" Sitting on the tropical beach with your feet in the sand, enjoying a beautiful fresh, sweet, full bodied tropical cocktail of flavours, overlooking the oceaan"

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