Hammerhead - 23 year old

When there is a gathering of friends who bring along different bottles to share you can find some great different kinds of whisky. Such as this one from the Prádlo Distillery in Czechoslovakia. This whisky called Hammerhead is matured for 23 years in 100% Czech oak and distilled in 1989 from 100% Czech barley. Bottled at 40,7%. Thanks Caspar for sharing the last drops in the bottle for a review...

The nose has notes of sweet juicy red apples, malt and pencils. Loads of pencils. Dried grass, candied ginger, salty popcorn, roasted root vegetables and nettles. 

On the palate I can find sweet ripe banana, raisins and bit dry spices and malty note. Pencils again also on the palate mixed with pear juice and white grapes. It is fruity and sweet in the back with notes of vanilla, dried apricots and black currents. The finish is of medium length and very soft. 

Scoring me an 7 out of 10. It is different for sure and gives me the feeling of chewing too long on a pencil in the end and getting the smell and taste of wet wood and lead all over. If you like that then this is for you, but I am not sure about this, not my preference I think... 

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